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Are you ready to....
Be Bold and Dream Big?
Carve a Plan?
Take Strategic Risks?
Challenge Yourself?
Experience Career Satisfaction?
Grace Noonan-Kaye, longtime professional career coach, leads individual and small groups through intensive, customized two-day workshops in Maine held on Deer Isle, in Penobscot Bay. Grace is simultaneously compassionate and tough. She holds up the mirror and asks questions you fear the most and helps you safely explore answers to previously daunting questions. She tenaciously helps you balance long and short-term goals, left and right-brain thinking, aligning heart and head, as well as interests, skills and strengths.

"Part of the magic of working with Grace is place. One might question why an executive working out of offices in Miami Beach and New York would choose to take a flight to Maine when other coaches could be had closer to hand. But the journey actually turns out to be an integral and powerful part of the process. The ride offers a physical manifestation of the inner journey, including an expression to one's self of a commitment to the challenges of the process. It is a true retreat in the sense of leaving terra firma, letting go of workaday reality and entering a beautiful, shall we even say sacred, space."

Elizabeth Sobol Gomez,

Managing Director, IMG Artists, NYC

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