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Coaching for the individual - whether executive or personal - is a process of co-creation with a guide you trust to be skilled, intuitive, firm and equally inspired.  For many it has become an integral part of living a happy, positive life. It offers many different, highly personalized strategies to help clients make the changes that are necessary to align their life with their true purpose and gifts.


What GNK & Associates uniquely bring to the process - has been described by some clients in the following words: 

  • Advocacy (holding safely, seeing, protecting, honoring)

  • Listening

  • Relentless Inquiry

  • Clarity

  • Strong diagnostic & processing skills (cognitive and affective data)

  • Values sorting (understanding/choosing priorities, challenging choices)

  • Highlighting unique gifts, fostering personal genius

  • Exploring possible options – the good, the great, the scary, the ones that immobilize

  • Elevating capabilities (knowing and believing in what you are good at)

  • Focusing on relationships, connections, systems alignment

  • Managing complexity - cutting loose the chaff, lifting up the simple grains

  • Inspiring

  • Living passionately

  • Creating (..."What box?")

  • Enabling necessary risk taking, encouraging new experiences

  • Inspiring action, taking steps, movement

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