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Grace Noonan-Kaye’s lifework is helping leaders bring their best to their work.

She is an executive coach, skilled retreat facilitator, trainer and a career confidante.
She brings 25 years of applied experience in human resources and organization development,

guiding individuals and groups to embrace new skills, the strategic vision and

courage necessary to thrive in today’s world of perpetual change. 

 We know you have the capacity to perform at a higher level.
Together we will help you connect your dreams, skills, and commitment to achieve lasting change.

Executive Leadership, Career Coaching, Organization Development & End of Life Doula Services

We have one goal




Their Goals

Are you ready to get to work?




Whether you are a seasoned executive transitioning to a new company or role, or struggling to find your footing in your current job, you want smart, targeted support that quickly addresses your Achilles heel. We’ve coached thousands of seasoned executives, burgeoning leaders, high potentials, leadership teams and aspiring junior professionals for Fortune 100 companies to entrepreneurial start-ups.

“One of Grace’s gifts is to push the learning envelope by asking us hard, and at times uncomfortable questions. She does this with compassion, leveraging the collective intelligence of everyone in the room. Our leaders make better choices, get promoted and add shareholder value because she’s our strategic leadership thought partner and trusted advisor to our past and current Leadership Effectiveness Program participants.”

Kelly Staup


Are you ready to deliver
Increased Performance, 
 Measureable Results,  
 Immediate observable impact.

Let's get to work


“Grace has a singular ability to elicit, listen to and masterfully parse and process large waves of personal and professional history. With deep intuitive and analytic skills, she helped me imagine a different way of being in the world.”


President and CEO, International

Music Industry,

New York, NY


How's your life going?

 “How we spend our days, is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

Annie Dillard, Pulitzer prize winning author

How’s your life going?

Work/life balance...what?

Are you stuck in the same job with golden handcuffs?

Are you dreaming of that next big promotion and have no idea how to grab the brass ring?

Is your head hitting the glass ceiling?

Are you clueless about what else you could be doing?


You’re not alone!

According to Gallup polls, over 70% of Americans feel disengaged from their work despite multiple changes. And, they work about 47 hours or more a week, which is like working 6 days a week. Figuring out what you want or need to do next is not your specialty – it’s ours.

Stop trying to do this alone. Let's collaborate.



Do you feel like your company’s meetings would make great copy for a Saturday Night Live sketch?

Do meetings keep you from doing your real work?


Are you committed to mining your employee's highest potential?


Does your culture foster learning and innovation? Are risks rewarded, or do people go along just to get along? 


 Are you a leadership team newly forming or an already existing team that seeks a jolt of innovative and synergistic thinking? 

Let us help you talk constructively and openly about processes, people and profits/results.
Learn how to skillfully name the elephant(s) in the room. 

Speak truth to power at work, without fear.

Name the cultural taboos.

Share your ideas inside the meeting.

Get some good work done, together.

Let's collaborate.

“When Grace began working with us to develop a new strategic plan for our Foundation, we knew that we were getting a consultant who came with rave reviews. What we didn’t know was that these reviews understated the incredible quality of her work. Grace is not just smart, but insightful and has an innate ability to cut through the noise and get to the heart of an issue. She also doesn’t shy from asking challenging questions about issues that need to be raised. Because of her experience, Grace also knows to pivot quickly when necessary, which leads to a very efficient process.” 

Tony Cipollone, (Former) President & CEO, John T. Gorman Foundation

Client collaboration 

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