Recent Testimonials:

"Achieving transition is one of the most significant things I got out of working with Grace.  I needed to make the transition from Chief Operating Officer (COO) to Chief Executive Officer (CEO).  I was somewhat reluctant about the process, not sure I needed the help.  I went into it to fulfill a requirement.  Grace was able to help me achieve a huge shift in terms of thinking about my role with the Board of Directors.  She helped me in a number of ways."

-- Craig Gunderson
President & CEO
Oxford Networks

"When it comes to Grace – I think of balance. I can almost see it visually – balance between long and short term goals, between individuals and groups, between left brain and right brain, between heart and head...It’s a balance she achieves, by design and intuition, that first creates safety, then pushes the boundaries once you know it is safe.  She sets the bar high – and makes it so you are willing to go there with her."
-- Steven H., Communications Consultant

Grace Noonan-Kaye
brings 20 years of "hands-on" experience to her role as a transformational coach for individuals and groups.  She works with professionals and organizations in transition.  For more information, visit About GNK.

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We live in a world of constant change, increasing complexity and unbalanced demands. Our ability to realize our dreams -- both personal and professional --  takes greater skill, effort and focus. More and more often, it takes the guidance of a professional mentor or coach to help us do the foundational and transformational work we need to do, not only to find our way and stay on course, but to truly contribute and thrive.
Coaching works.  It helps both individuals and organizations set and reach higher goals. It
is an action-oriented partnership that asks more of us than we would of ourselves and empowers us to produce results more quickly. Coaching concentrates on where we are today and the steps we need to take to reach a desired future stateEffective coaching strategies can help us do a number of things, from creating a more joyful existence to developing action strategies for meeting and exceeding fulfillment goals.  It helps clear impediments to connecting more effectively with ourselves and others and can eliminate self-defeating behaviors and perspectives that stand in the way of actualizing our best lives and selves.

Grace Noonan-Kaye, Principal of GNK & Associates, is a leadership development executive coach and a skilled platform trainer. She brings two decades of "hands-on" applied experience in organizational and human resources development, guiding individuals and groups to embrace new skills and strategic visioning required to  thrive in a world of perpetual change.

"Grace and I met when I was immersed in the tactical day to day operations of my new business.  Although I was happy with my early success I had a growing sense of dread about the bigger picture knowing that I didn't have any plan for vision and strategy.  I was too absorbed in minutia to write a mission statement or develop a strategic plan for the year and beyond.  I met Grace with a stack of papers and torn napkins where I had been keeping notes and after several sessions she sent me away with a well defined purpose, an operating business plan, a specific to do list and a lot of wonderful insight. With her keen insight and understanding she urged me towards the confidence that I deserve to have in myself and my business. 
The scaffolding of my business has strength and integrity thanks to Grace.  I feel relieved and fortified because of her sharp intellect, her confidence in me and her unyielding optimism for what lies ahead for Maine Works. Thanks Grace!  
--Margo Walsh, Founder Maine Works

"I have referred many people to Grace because she is very effective. What she is best at is removing filters – getting at the crux of issues using laser intuition to hone in on the most important things/most important steps for moving forward.  She very quickly gets to the 'what.'  Sometimes she pushes me out of my comfort zone, but that’s why I call her – to hear what I need to hear."

-- Mandy S., VP of Advertising
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